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Recognizing and Managing Burnout

Feeling constantly exhausted, overwhelmed, or drained? You're not alone. Here is our content related to burnout.

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Burnout is something that almost everyone will experience at least once in their professional career. If you’re feeling drained, overwhelmed, or just a bit overworked, you are definitely not alone. Here’s a selection of presentations on the topic of managing burnout from some of our amazing speakers.

This video from Gem helps to set the scene, looking at the difference between coping and dealing, and how to really understand (and therefore look after) your mental health both in and out of the workplace.

It’s not often that employers talk about mental health, and we’re a long way from normalizing discussion of burnout and poor health in the workplace. This talk by Gitte helps to demystify and destigmatize the taboo that is stress and depression, and gives some handy tips for how to listen, learn, and treat yourself and others with kindness.

Whether you’re a manager or a junior contributor, there’s a lot to learn about managing burnout – from knowing how and when to say no through to tips and techniques for managing your team in times of overload and crisis. These talks from Nathaniel and Pitor are full of actionable strategies for stopping burnout before it starts.

What do you do if you’ve already hit breaking point? Don’t panic. Pauline has some incredible advice for recovering from burnout and coming back stronger than ever.

If you’ve got the time and the energy, we’d love for you to check out some more amazing content from the You Got This! library. Check out some of these additional sessions to help get you started. We hope you enjoy and that we get to see you at an event soon!