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Improving Your Communication Skills

Learn how to communicate more effectively with your colleagues, managers, reports, and yourself.

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Communication is one of the most fundamental core skills in the world. Whether it’s pitching a new idea, rallying a team, or getting across your fundamental needs and beliefs, the way in which we communicate forms a huge part of our personal and professional lives.

From making small talk to communicating big ideas, Katie's introduction to the art of communication has good advice for everyone at every level of their career.

Sometimes, asking for help feels like the hardest thing to do. Learning how to communicate our need for support not only helps us to feel happy and safe in our roles, but adds tremendous value to the work that we do both on our own and in a team. This talk by Veerle tells a gripping story of learning to ask for help that has lessons for us all.

In an increasingly remote and virtual working world, how best do we set ourselves and our teams up for success? Carol and Felix have some great advice on how to get the most out of remote working – from lighting and sound on your video calls, to how to build and maintain trusted relationships and connectedness as a team.

Communication isn’t just about talking and writing. Listening to feedback from others, whether it’s a customer or someone else in the team, is a powerful tool. Ben takes us through the concept of feedback, and how best to act on the wisdom we receive from others.

Communication isn’t the only core skill we focus on, and we’d love for you to check out some more great content from the You Got This! library. Here’s some more sessions to get you started. We hope you get lots of value from what we offer, and that we’ll see you at an event soon.