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Ethics in Tech

Ethics in tech can feel overwhelming. This collection navigates this complex and often overlooked area.

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In this collection from You Got This! we support you to explore the complex issue of ethics whilst working. Ethics and morality - particularly when applied to your professional life - can feel pretty overwhelming. So, you’ll be happy to know that the following talks from across our events provide some well-needed structure to the questions you might have on how your work can impact the world.

Morality and Ethics: Caring is Everything by Sam Warner
Throwing it all the way back to our very first conference, Sam spoke on how - no matter how small we feel our role is - we all have a duty to care about how our products can impact others. He provides some helpful definitions and initial questions on ethics in the workplace here.

The What, How and Why of a Code of Ethics by Catherine Flick
Next, time for some actionable steps. Luckily enough, there are a whole host of organisations that have used their expertise to develop codes of ethics, which we can use as a framework when thinking about the social and environmental impact of our work. One of these organisations is the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). In this talk, Catherine from ACM outlines their comprehensive Code of Ethics and how to use it.

Lending Privlidge by Anjuan Simmons
One area that the ACM’s Code of Ethics includes is diversity. You’ll see this point a lot across the topic of ethics as a whole. So, what can we do about diversity in our workplaces? We can lend privilege. Learn more about what privilege means and how to use it as a tool to level the playing field in Anjuan's incredibly actionable talk here.

Not Knowing Is Part Of Learning by Ramón Huidobro
At this point, you’ll have a better grasp on navigating ethics in your workplace. But what about when things go wrong? Putting ethics into practice is learned and improved over time. In Ramón's talk 'Not knowung is a part of learning', we are reminded that we are human, and that we aren’t always going to get it right. It’s our continuous development which is important.

When Moving Too Fast Really Does Break Things by Vidhika Bansal
Finally, in a world where ‘move fast and break things’ is a popularised maxim, we need to remember to slow down so we can have the space to unpack topics as huge as ethics. In 'When Moving Too Fast Really Does Break Things', Vidhika provides useful talking points on how moving slower can help, and how to mitigate risk in those situations when you really do need to move quickly.

We’ve got a number of other fantastic talks in our library for you to build your understanding of ethics with - you can find the full list below. But it’s not the only core skill we focus on here at You Got This! Explore other collections in our library to get you started. We hope you find what you need, and look forward to seeing you at our next event soon.