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In this collection of talks from You Got This!, we take a look at the process of finding a job that really makes you want to get out of bed in the morning! Through these talks you’ll get a sense of how some of our speakers have navigated complex situations and found roles that give them fulfillment, growth, and happiness.
For those new to employment or in their first two or three jobs, an excellent place to start is Jess' talk on early career negotiation. You may be junior – but that’s no reason not to negotiate and expect to shape your own destiny!

You might not be in your first ever job, but perhaps you’re switching careers and becoming a developer for the first time later in your story. Ben has you covered with his excellent talk about jumping into the life of software developer in your 30s.

No matter where in your career you are, it’s always important to think about how your values align with your job is a key way to bring yourself satisfaction and help achieve a good work-life balance. Laura talks about how to uncover and vocalize your values and ensure that your work life aligns with them.

Whether you’re looking for a new role, or just looking to show off the great things you’ve been working on, it’s important to think about how you manage your portfolio and online professional presence. Two amazing talks in this collection by Kara and Matt help you to design a killer CV and also show you how to be seen as a professional on LinkedIn.

Finally, an incredible talk from Magda will help you to prepare for any future job interviews you have with some handy tips, tricks, and life hacks that will help you to stand out from other candidates in the process.

While you’re busy thinking about getting the job you deserve, the You Got This! library offers so much more content to help you improve your core skills and grow your career for years to come. We hope you get lots of value from what we offer, and that we’ll see you at an event soon!