You Got This!

When Things Aren't Going Great

Your new job can quickly become your worst job. Gain tools, techniques, and strategies to protect yourself.

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If you find yourself in a job that doesn’t quite feel right, we have your back. A series of talks from across various events will help you to assess the situation, work out your next steps, and either find a resolution or exit gracefully.
First check out this talk from Keziyah, who reminds us all that it’s good to be a little cynical, to put yourself first, and that it’s really not your job to love your job unconditionally.

If and when you find yourself in a tough situation at work, either with a colleague, a team, or the employer as a whole, it can be tough to figure out what a successful resolution might look like. From having the confidence to ask questions to thinking through conflict in a productive and meaningful way, this talk from Claire will help you to frame difficult workplace situations in a productive way.

Sometimes you try your best but things just aren’t working out. The closer to the edge you get, the more questions you might be asking yourself and the more confusing things may feel. That’s totally natural! But having realized that something’s got to give, how and when is the best time to walk away? Amy is here to help.

Now that you’ve got the confidence to face tough situations at work, how about checking out some of our other core skills sessions? Our library of You Got This! content has so much to offer everyone, no matter their level or stage of career. Please enjoy – and we hope to see you at an event soon!