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Happy & Healthy Remote Working

Learn how to make the most of working remotely, from being productive to protecting your mental health.

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In 2018 only 5.7% of people surveyed said that they’d consider remote working desirable. In 2022 that number has jumped to over 40%. As teams and companies gear up to enable more remote working, it’s increasingly important to think about how to keep happy and healthy when you’re not working in a traditional office environment.

Lauren has some incredible advice for you, sharing lessons learned from working from home through to tried-and-tested tips for making remote work actually work.

A concept taken from the world of physical office sharing, remote co-working can be every bit as powerful as its in-person counterpart. Suze has some excellent advice on how to use co-working to encourage progress, better time allocation, and celebrate milestones and achievements with others.

In an increasingly remote and virtual working world, how best do we set ourselves and our teams up for success? Carol has some great advice on how to build and maintain trusted relationships and connectedness as a team.

Teams? Zoom? Google Meet? Whatever your platform of choice, video calls have become the norm. Check out this video from Felix to help you get the most out of your call setup, from lighting and sound to backgrounds and more.

Whether you’re sat at home or you’re in the office, the You Got This! library has content for all occasions covering a wide range of different themes. Here are some more videos to get you started. We hope to see you at an event sometime soon!