You Got This From Home. January 15 & 16 2021. You Got This From Home. January 15 & 16 2021.

What is You Got This From Your Couch?

You Got This From Your Couch is an online event which replaces our in-person UK-based event in January 2021. It is an online community conference, which focuses on the non-technical core skills for a happy, healthy work life. In the past we've had talks about ethics in tech, self-care, and learning.

This edition will run over two days - workshops will take place on on Friday 15th January 2021, and conference talks will be streamed online (for free!) on Saturday 16th January 2021. Calendar reminder for event.

Tickets will be available on Sunday 1st November 2020. Calendar reminder for tickets.

Submit a talk

Talk submissions have now closed and are being reviewed by our external panel. We'll be announcing the full lineup along with ticket availability on Sunday 1st November 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will tickets cost?
The conference is free of charge. Workshop tickets will be £30 each or £75 for all three. Tickets for both days will be available on Sunday 1st November 2020. Register to our mailing list for a reminder.
What are you doing to make this event accessible & inclusive?
The event will be live captioned and this will be included in the stream and after the event we will provide recordings and transcripts. We are paying speakers for their time to ensure speaking is accessible to all. We are also making a number of free workshop tickets available as part of our inclusion program. We have a Code of Conduct and take the enforcement of it very seriously.
How does your inclusion programme work?
Our inclusion programme provides workshop tickets for those in under-represented groups in tech. This includes, but isn't limited to: LGBTQIA+ people, people of colour, women, non-binary people, and those with disabilities. Applications will be open Sunday 1st November 2020 to Sunday 15th November 2020, will be a short 5 minute form, and there will be no need to disclose any sensitive information.
Will the talks be recorded?
The conference talks will be recorded, but the workshops will not be recorded.
How does your talk submission process work?
Submit before the end of Wednesday 30th September 2020. We will anonymize submissions of names, pronouns, and any other identifying features. Once this is done, we will provide submissions to an external panel for review. We will respond to every submission by Tuesday 20th October 2020. We won't be able to provide individual feedback on submissions.
Who is behind You Got This?
You Got This is a network of community conferences facilitated by Kevin Lewis. You Got This From Your Couch replaces You Got This London 2021 and is organized by Kevin, Katie Whittington, Markela Zeneli and Amy Dickens.
How can I ask more questions?
Send them over to [email protected] and if the question is likely to be useful to others we will update this FAQ.
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You Got This is a network of community conferences focused on core, non-technical skills coordinated by Kevin Lewis.