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10:00 Abidjan
Taryn MusgraveRamón Huidobro

Language And Cultural Inclusivity At Work

Taryn Musgrave, Ramón Huidobro 10:30 Abidjan

If you’re working in software, the primary function of your role is to turn human and programming languages into common understanding. As you work with your team and collective members, the way you use human languages around your work can have major impacts, even when we don’t intend it to. Together we’ll explore the cultural basis for how we shape the language we use. Let’s explore how and when to avoid analogies and ambiguous language. By the end of this talk, we hope that you’ll be ready to use the ideas and tips shared to help move towards collective understanding with your team.

About Taryn Musgrave (she/they)

Taryn is an advocate and software engineer who joined Suborbital after working with Shopify’s web, platform and outreach teams. She brings a range of weird and wonderful real-world experiences to her work as an engineer, having been a cashier, railway engineer and worked customer support across three continents. She’s interested in extensibility, travelling to new places and is currently learning French.

@TarynMusgrave on Twitter
About Ramón Huidobro (he/him)

Software engineer with over 10 years experience. Public speaker. Community member. Developer educator. Live streamer.

@hola_soy_milk on Twitter
Bianca Costache

Creating Effective On-Call Workflows

Bianca Costache 11:10 Abidjan

Being on call can be a tiring and thankless task, and while the on-call process depends on each team setup, the on-call pain is the same for everyone. Building sustainable practices is critical in keeping your team positive and productive. This talk will walk you through a data-driven on-call framework that you an apply for your own teams leading to a happier, healthier on-call process. We’ll also reflect on how it works in-practice over a long period.

About Bianca Costache (she/her)

Bianca is a passionate Engineering Manager at Adobe Romania and an enthusiastic contributor to the global tech community. As a leader, she advocates for a culture of Engineering Excellence augmented by Customer Success, while every individual is empowered to grow. At heart, she is passionate about programming and developing a multidisciplinary mindset, which is fed by her passion for sports, astronomy, painting and reading.

@biancatesila on Twitter


11:50 Abidjan
James Seconde

A Guide To Red Flags In Early Career Roles

James Seconde 12:00 Abidjan

Your first role in tech is improtant, and you want to be somewhere supportive that can help you grow as a developer. In this talk, we'll point out some signs to look out for that could mean an employer who is not actually supportive - hopefully saving you from a negative experience.

About James Seconde (he/him)

A trained actor with a curious background: from Theatre Studies, to Q/A, to Business Intelligence development, to full stack web development, James is the resident specialist PHP Developer Advocate at Global Cloud Communications giant Vonage. He founded Birmingham, UK's current PHP usergroup BrumPHP, as well as being on the Fusion Meetup team. He mentors, writes and speaks on PHP, Javascript, DevOps, DevRel and tech culture. He pretended to be a DJ on the way.

@SecondeJ on Twitter
Kai Katschthaler

How to Talk About Mental Health to Combat Stigma

Kai Katschthaler 12:40 Abidjan

In this talk, we will cover how and why openly talking about your mental health positively impacts others, how to share mental health experiences in a respectful way, and how to make it easier and safe for others to share their experiences. Starting a conversation about mental health can create more inclusive environments and workplaces.

About Kai Katschthaler (they/them)

Kai is a DevRel consultant, mental health advocate and public speaker. They run Taboola Rasa, a mental health awareness project that seeks to erase the stigma connected to mental health.

@thegrumpyenby on Twitter

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13:20 Abidjan
Praveena Fernandes

Personal Retrospectives For Self-Guided Managers

Praveena Fernandes 14:30 Abidjan

Leadership often involves wading through tough waters when there's minimal direction and feedback. It especially becomes difficult when feedback is often used as a tool to assess whether you are doing a good job and find areas where you could improve/thrive in the future. Getting quality feedback is hard during the best of times let alone when you are in a position where there's a power imbalance and you may not get honest useful feedback from your team, it is far worse when people above you may not have time to give you actionable feedback for you to be effective in your job. This talk helps equip you with tools to bridge some of that gap when there are seemingly lots to improve on but no clear path ahead and how to find help when there's often none.

About Praveena Fernandes (she/her)

Praveena Fernandes is a Principle Engineer at PricingMonkey. She is a passionate developer and is interested in all things related to programming and food. In her spare time, she likes starting projects and never finishing them.

@praveenasekhar on Twitter
Jason St-Cyr

Becoming A Leader In Your Team

Jason St-Cyr 15:10 Abidjan

One of the most difficult transitions to make is from being a member of the team, to owning your former teammates performance reviews. It is awkward. It is stressful. And you can do it! In this session, we'll take a look at the challenges of making this transition and how you can face them head on. Leveraging the years of experience I've built up, you can learn from my healthy backlog of failures, poor decisions, and generally bad ideas. These mistakes were what helped me to learn, and now you can too!

About Jason St-Cyr (he/him)

Jason is the Director of Developer Relations at Sitecore, overseeing the strategy for advocacy, community and developer experience. Day to day, Jason tries to follow three guides: Be Helpful, Be Kind, and Be Honest. Connect with him on Twitter @StCyrThoughts.

@StCyrThoughts on Twitter


15:50 Abidjan
Eileen Whitener

Building Community In A Remote/Hybrid Workplace

Eileen Whitener 16:00 Abidjan

The Covid-19 pandemic and global economic trends like the 'Great Reshuffle' have led to a more remote and less-tenured workforce in many organizations. Especially for those who started new jobs recently or have made the switch to remote or hybrid workplaces, it can sometimes feel difficult to cultivate a sense of community. In this talk, we will consider why it's helpful to take charge of building connections yourself and explore a variety of tactics for participating in and cultivating community in your workplace.

About Eileen Whitener (she/her)

Eileen Whitener is a technical writer, writing instructor, and frequent club-joiner. Nothing brings her greater joy than bringing together people who are working on similar projects but don't know that yet. Some of her other interests include crafting, cats, karaoke, and the hiring process on both sides of the application.

@eileenwhitener on Twitter
Kimberley Cook

Embracing Failure As Personal Growth

Kimberley Cook 16:40 Abidjan

Failure is scary! Even the idea of failing is scary. But making mistakes is the key to growth and strength. Once we accept that we all have failures, we can let go of living perfectly, and instead, embrace the present. In this talk, Kimberley will talk about why failures are super important, she'll share examples from both her own career and the biggest names in tech.

About Kimberley Cook (she/her)

Kimberley is a software developer, codebar trustee, avid snowboarder - so much so she left London and moved to the French Alps.

@KimberleyCook91 on Twitter
Terence Eden

Overcoming Bloggers' Block

Terence Eden 17:20 Abidjan

You know that you have good ideas. You've found some really interesting solutions to difficult problems. But when it comes to writing them down for others to read... you just can't get the words out. In this talk, experienced blogger Terence Eden will step you through how to get your thoughts onto the screen. You'll get tips on how to make writing easier. You'll learn how to become comfortable publishing your thoughts. You'll also discover how to generate new ideas of things to write about. If you've never blogged before - this talk is for you. If you used to blog but stopped - this talk is for you. If you just want some tips on how to keep going - this talk is also for you.

About Terence Eden (he/him)

Terence Eden is a technology expert, open source coder, freelance security consultant, and long-time blogger. He was formerly the UK Government's representative to the W3C. He speaks around the world on open standards, open source software, and open data. He also helped get four-and-a-half new emoji into Unicode. Which was fun. You can read his personal blog at or follow him on social media at

@edent on Twitter

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18:00 Abidjan

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19:00 Abidjan
Wesley Faulkner

Doing Due Dilligence On Your Next Employer

Wesley Faulkner 19:30 Abidjan

Applying for new jobs is not only a process of convincing a new employer to hire you, but also a chance to make sure it’s a happy and healthy place to spend your time. In this talk, we’ll discuss what to ask to determine the kind of employer you’re talking to, what to look out for, and how to close the gap between expectation and reality.

About Wesley Faulkner (he/him)

Wesley Faulkner is a first-generation American, public speaker, and podcaster. He is a founding member of the government transparency group Open Austin and a staunch supporter of racial justice, workplace equity, and neurodiversity. His professional experience spans technology from AMD, Atlassian, Dell, IBM, and MongoDB. Wesley co-hosts the developer relations focused podcast Community Pulse and serves on the board for SXSW.

@wesley83 on Twitter
Mia Moore

Adapting to Ever-Evolving Language

Mia Moore 20:10 Abidjan

Respect and inclusion are key to a collaborative, healthy work environment, and that’s made harder by the fact that language, especially around gender and sexuality, evolves so quickly. In this talk, we’ll go through some examples of more gender-inclusive language, methods for practicing, and strategies for rolling with the punches when we make mistakes. By the end of the talk, you’ll feel confident in navigating the changing language around gender and sexuality.

About Mia Moore (they/them)

Mia is the Technical Community Builder at Camunda, where they work to improve the contributor experience and open source ecosystem. In their free time, Mia enjoys video games, amateur gardening, and finding good vegan food. You can find them on Twitter, Twitch, or Instagram as xoMiaMoore.

@xoMiaMoore on Twitter


20:50 Abidjan
Rizèl Scarlett

What Does It Mean To Really Learn In Public?

Rizèl Scarlett 21:00 Abidjan

You don’t need to be an expert to share what you know. In fact, learning in public is a fantastic tool to build relationships, network, and a career. In this talk, we’ll discuss how and when to share your learning journey through open source, social media, and finding community through public speaking.

About Rizèl Scarlett (she/her)

Rizel is a Developer Advocate at GitHub. She moonlights as an Advisor at G{Code} House, an organization aimed at teaching women of color and non-binary people of color to code. Rizel believes in leveraging vulnerability, honesty, and kindness as means to educate early-career developers.

@blackgirlbytes on Twitter
Colby Sites

Maintaining The Joy Of Programming With Help From Bob Ross

Colby Sites 21:40 Abidjan

Programming can often go from fulfilling skill to burnout-inducing drudgery. In this talk, I'll be going over some of the lessons Bob Ross taught me at a critical turning point in my career that helped me expand my view beyond the narrow, high-pressure box I had created for coding. This talk aimed at software engineers in their first few jobs and experienced coders for which software has become a lifeless chore rather than a creative expression.

About Colby Sites (he/him)

Colby Sites is a senior software engineer at OJO Labs. He's worked as a software engineer for over ten years, but only recently started his speaking and community building journey by live streaming on Twitch @codingvibe. He's working to lower the barrier of entry to software while helping respark a love for coding by working on low pressure projects for a diverse audience.

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22:20 Abidjan
Amy Arambulo Negrette

Mentoring Interns Wherever They Are

Amy Arambulo Negrette 23:30 Abidjan

The first few years in any new career is daunting. It can feel isolating and overwhelming if there isn't someone to shadow or tap on the shoulder when things get hard. However, you don't know what you don't know. This is made further complicated with remote office culture and navigating teams spread over different time zones and different cultures and markets. Teams need to be intentional in how they onboard these new hires. We will walkthrough the strategies to establish good remote workflows and communication. This talk is for anyone with interns and junior contributors on their team. I also aim to help new hires make sure they know what they need to know when starting out in their new roles.

About Amy Arambulo Negrette (she/her)

Amy Arambulo Negrette is a Developer Advocate at DigitalOcean. She has fifteen years of professional experience in application development across a variety of industries. Council. More recently, she built APIs for enterprise clients for a cloud consulting firms and led a team of Cloud Software Engineers. Amy has survived acquisitions, layoffs, and balancing life with two small children.

Colleen Lavin

A People Pleaser's Guide to Salary Negotiation

Colleen Lavin 00:10 Abidjan

Negotiating salaries is hard. It's harder if you have a pathological need for people to like you. If you don't negotiate you will fall behind your peers and won't reach your full earning potential. This talk demystifies negotiation and empowers the attendees to earn as much as their peers while staying true to their personality. This talk is for people who can't sleep at night because they accidentally said something borderline rude three years ago and still feel bad about it.

About Colleen Lavin (she/her)

Colleen Lavin is a Developer Advocate at Particle and a recovering people pleaser. She is a hardware geek, a bookworm, and a fervent supporter of inclusive technical communities. When she is playing with robots or sitting in front of a computer you can usually find her lost in the woods.

@colleencodes on Twitter


00:50 Abidjan
Fatima Sarah Khalid

Creating Your Career Narrative

Fatima Sarah Khalid 01:00 Abidjan

In literature, the protagonist's journey depicts a sequence of thematic events that lead to a hero discovering their calling and going on a journey - saving the world or training a dragon. We can use the stages of the Hero's Journey to craft our own stories as developers, from finding our passion, understanding our strengths and weaknesses, planning a trajectory for growth, and sharing our stories. A personal narrative inspires confidence and helps individuals share their contributions, motivations, and aspirations in interviews, networking, or when looking for new opportunities. In this talk, we'll go through the process of crafting our own stories and highlighting the parts of the journey that make us set us apart.

About Fatima Sarah Khalid (she/her)

Fatima is a Developer Evangelist at GitLab and the voice of the community. She loves coding challenges and storytelling. Before GitLab, she has been a backend developer and Drupal core contributor, and mentoring lead. In 2018, she received the Women in Communications & Technology (WCT) Rising Star leadership award for her efforts in teaching and advocacy. When she's not playing board games, beating escape rooms, or playing co-op adventures with friends, you can find Fatima reading by the ocean.

@sugaroverflow on Twitter
Bekah Hawrot Weigel

How To Apologize

Bekah Hawrot Weigel 01:40 Abidjan

Sometimes apologies don't quite *feel* right, and it can be hard to figure out why. Often, it's because they weren't really apologies; they were performances made to deflect responsibility, excuse away behavior, and with the hopes of calming negative feelings. Whether you've received one of these types or given them yourself, this talk will allow you to recognize what makes a good and authentic apology and how to construct one yourself.

About Bekah Hawrot Weigel (she/her)

Bekah graduated from the Flatiron School Software Engineering program in May of 2019 and since then has spent time as a frontend developer, started the Virtual Coffee developer community, and has continued to mom her four kids. She currently co-hosts the Virtual Coffee podcast, tries to work on her postpartum wellness OSS project, and lifts heavy things in her free time. In 2022, she officially joined the DevRel world as the Technical Community Building for Deepgram.

@BekahHW on Twitter
Linna La

Writing An Effective Tech Spec

Linna La 02:20 Abidjan

While most people associate software engineering with writing code, figuring out what to build and how to do it is half the battle. Tech specs are an invaluable tool for clarifying ambiguity and keeping teams focused on a common goal. This talk will go through what makes a tech spec useful, the general anatomy of a tech spec, and how to tailor one to fit your team’s unique needs. This talk is for software engineers new to leading projects, as well as experienced engineers looking to introduce or rethink their technical planning process.

About Linna La (she/they)

Linna is a frontend software engineer with a passion for mental health and gaming. In her almost decade-long career in tech, she’s brought products to life at pre-seed startups, scaled teams and software at hypergrowth unicorns, and shipped redesigns and features used by millions at established giants. She cares deeply about building inclusive teams and products on the internet, as well as the friendships we make along the way.

@lalalalinna on Twitter

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03:00 Abidjan

Highlights From The You Got This Library

04:00 Abidjan

We'll be playing back some of our all-time favorite talks from previous events.

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05:00 Abidjan
Krys Flores

Parenthood Hacks To Improve Your Career

Krys Flores 05:30 Abidjan

Parenthood is often presented as a limiting factor in a successful career, but that simply isn’t true. In this talk, Krys will present some life hacks that demonstrate how parenthood can help you level up your professional game. This talk is for any engineers who are parents or are thinking about becoming a parent!

About Krys Flores (she/her)

Krys is a Staff Engineer at Lob. However, she has a degree in history, never took a computer science course in college, and never completed a bootcamp. Krys is committed to increasing diversity in tech and is an equal pay advocate. She is a servant leader at work, an active volunteer in her community, and is a board member of Techtonica. She has been featured in the #NothingLess documentary by Hired, on the Women of Color in the Workplace podcast, and as a part of the MicroStrategy Visionary Voices program`. Krys loves systems design and British murder mystery novels. Krys is based in San Francisco near Giants stadium even though she is a Los Angeles native and proud Dodger fan.

@KFloTechYo on Twitter
Heidi Waterhouse

Preparing To Break Up With Your Employer

Heidi Waterhouse 06:10 Abidjan

When you break up with a person, you have pretty common set of steps to follow - returning hoodies, splitting up household goods, eating the ice cream of sadness. But what are you supposed to do when you break up with an employer? In this talk, we'll explore what you need to think about before the hard discussions, what you should be ready to do, and how to leave with as much dignity and good-will as possible. The target audience is people who are trying to get better at this very painful experience without throwing their barista apron.

About Heidi Waterhouse (she/her)

Heidi delights in working at the intersection of usability, risk reduction, and cutting-edge technology. One of her favorite hobbies is talking to developers about things they already knew but had never thought of that way before. She sews all her presentation shirts so they match the pajama pants

@wiredferret on Twitter


06:50 Abidjan
Justin Garrison

How To Tell Better Stories

Justin Garrison 07:00 Abidjan

We all claim to be story tellers, but not many of us know the fundamentals of story telling. Sr. Developer Advocate, Justin Garrison, has worked with some of the best story tellers in the world at Disney and is obsessed with the art of story telling and how it affects our lives. In this session, he’ll discuss story structure, how to find great stories, and what you should avoid when telling your stories.

About Justin Garrison (he/him)

Justin is a developer advocate at AWS where he helps improve cloud services for everyone. He has made Oscar winning movies and built infrastructure for popular streaming services. In his spare time he tinkers with hardware and streams Moana on repeat.

@rothgar on Twitter
Juan Pablo Flores

Strategies For Cross-Cultural Workplaces

Juan Pablo Flores 07:40 Abidjan

Different values, beliefs and behaviors have a strong impact on the way we work and relate with others. Though these differences become more celebrated, there might be misunderstandings within teams that, managed poorly, have a negative effect. Understanding how these interactions play a role at work has become even more important as companies hire more diverse candidates but, how can we create diverse work environments that support individual differences? In this talk, we will review key cultural characteristics that influence the way we communicate, work and relate with others in the workplace. In the end, we’ll provide strategies the viewer can implement with their teams to create welcoming environments and promote overall success of team members without losing their cultural identity.

About Juan Pablo Flores (he/him)

Juan Pablo Flores is a Senior Program Manager at the GitHub Education Team, where he supports student leaders to build and grow local technical communities in their schools. He is passionate about building opportunities for students, bridges between different communities, and helping people from diverse backgrounds to code. He has worked on the HCI research on how people collaborate in online platforms and explored the social dynamics of live streaming on platforms.

@juanpflores_ on Twitter


08:20 Abidjan
Sharon Weiss-Greenberg

How To Authentically Maintain Professional Relationships

Sharon Weiss-Greenberg 08:30 Abidjan

If you want to move up the ladder, finish that project, land that job, secure funding or accomplish just about anything, you need relationships. The ability to network and meaningfully continue relationships is the difference between growing and thinking and doing more and bigger, and having a larger impact or not. In this talk, we’ll cover how to take your relationships and meaningfully and authentically maintain them.

About Sharon Weiss-Greenberg (she/her)

Sharon spent the first half of her career as an educator and nonprofit professional. She has a proven track record in thoughtfully growing organizations in diversity, constituents, financially and reputation at large. She has increased the number of donors and giving levels at multiple organizations, allowing organizations to grow their budget and effectiveness. She has brought several nonprofits to the next level utilizing marketing, education, communication, management, development and relationship building skills. When she isn't shmoozing with colleagues turned friends, she can be found drinking ice coffee, no matter the season or country, with her kiddos and techie husband.

Harshil Agrawal

An Introvert's Guide To Networking

Harshil Agrawal 09:10 Abidjan

Networking is a key part of your professional journey. It can benefit one in several ways - from getting job referrals to making new friends! However, as introverts, networking can get challenging. You may feel shy or may find it difficult to start a conversation. In this talk, we’ll cover a framework you can use to overcome the fear of networking and build long-lasting and meaningful relationships.

About Harshil Agrawal (he/him)

Working in the Developer Relations team at Contentful, Harshil enjoys sharing his learnings with the community. A JavaScript developer and an open-source contributor, Harshil loves experimenting with tech and building small projects.

@harshil1712 on Twitter


09:50 Abidjan
Rachel Sunderland

Navigating The World of Tech As A Non-Developer

Rachel Sunderland 10:00 Abidjan

So you've landed your first role in tech - congrats! But, now you're suddenly sat in jargon-filled meetings and you don't know where to start. In this talk we will explore how to learn on the job, remain authentic, and not succumb to imposter syndrome. This talk is perfect for non-developers in the tech industry.

About Rachel Sunderland (she/her)

Rachel Sunderland (@sundyclan) is an experienced Head of Community who's work focusses on creating inclusive spaces for folk to learn and mainly, be themselves. Aspiring to be the "Queen of Fun".

@sundyclan on Twitter
Owen Niblock

Navigating Different Communication Styles

Owen Niblock 10:40 Abidjan

Everyone communicates differently, this is especially pronounced for neurodivergent people who may struggle with social interaction. We can support those around us by learning about these different styles of communication, adapting our approached and operating with kindness towards others. In this talk, we will look at various different aspects of communication differences and suggest some ways you can help yourself and help others communicate more effectively. This talk is for people who struggle with communication with others and for managers who want to learn how to support neurodivergent employees.

About Owen Niblock (he/him)

Owen is a Senior Software Engineer working for Microsoft (currently part of the GitHub Accessibility Team). Previously part of npm and before that part of App Center Test Cloud. He's autistic and proud, and his passions include: learning about autism, watching Star Trek, his cats & stand-up comedy.

@owenniblock on Twitter
Amber Shand

How To Quit With Confidence

Amber Shand 11:20 Abidjan

Quitting a job, situation, or habit can be daunting, anxiety inducing, and sometimes even isolating. It is time that we get used to this feeling of discomfort and learn when and how to quit with confidence. In this talk, we will learn the 5 step plan to quit with confidence. This talk is for those looking to quit, but something is holding them back from taking action on it.

About Amber Shand (she/her)

Amber is an award-winning Frontend Engineer at Cybsafe, the co-host of the Glowing in Tech podcast showcasing black women in tech and writes a bi-weekly newsletter called Imposter Methods. Check out her website at

@amberleetech on Twitter

Farewell from You Got This Broadcasting Service

12:00 Abidjan