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You can now submit a talk to be delivered at the You Got This Broadcasting Service.

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About the talks

  • As an online event, all talks will be delivered remotely and live.
  • Talks will be 20-25 minutes, with 5-10 minutes of curated questions from the audience (30 minutes total).
  • It is generally expected that speakers will share their screen with a slide deck.
  • We are only offering talks at this event and not workshops. Our audience will get to watch your talk, but you will not be able to see them.

You Got This! runs event exclusively around core skills such as self-advocacy, working with others, communication skills, self-care, ethics in tech, or anything else needed for a happy, healthy work-life. We do not accept talks about software development languages or tools.

You Got This has a global audience at the full range of career steps (aspiring/junior through to senior managers).

Submitting a talk

You can submit one or more talk ideas before the end of August 31 2022. You can submit in written, audio, or video form - whatever works for you.

We welcome first-time and experienced speakers alike and can offer mentorship to make your talk as impactful as possible.

We generally have one speaker per talk. If you want to submit a talk with multiple speakers, please get in touch first.

Important dates

  • August 31 2022: Submissions close
  • September 23 2022: Notification of results
  • October & November 2022: 30 minute meetings with each speaker
  • Early January 2023: Tech checks


We believe it's important to compensate people for their time. We can pay each accepted speaker £150.


We will consider talks which discuss any core skills. Here are some ideas of topics we have yet explored fully in our existing talk library, but you may submit outside of this list too:

Starting & ending jobs

  • Parsing job listings
  • Creating portfolios
  • What to ask an employer
  • Effective handovers
  • How to quit with confidence

Skills to aid your work

  • Having difficult conversations
  • Creating content and communicating ideas
  • Research and assessing information
  • Responding to uncertainty or change
  • Feeling overwhelmed by work level or volume
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Understanding papertrails and accountability
  • Time management
  • Understanding impact of work done/not done

Outside of work

  • Personal finance
  • Establishing a creative process
  • Self-care practices

Becoming a manager

  • Responsibilities of a manager
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Designing interview processes
  • Effective delegation
  • Running meetings and workshops
  • Designing and documenting processes
  • First 90 days as a manager
  • Creating equitable work environments
  • Setting and supporting goals


We love to hear them! Fire over an email to [email protected].