About You Got This

You Got This is a community event series focused entirely on the non-technical core skills needed for a happy, healthy work life. There will be 3 great and affordable workshops on Friday January 14th 2022, and 9 amazing speakers on our free conference day on Saturday January 15th 2022. Previous event talk recordings can be found in our talk library.

Workshop Day - Jan 14

Each of our three workshops takes place over 2 hours and will feature both content and hands-on group exercises. Each workshop is £30 with an all-day ticket granting access to all workshops costing £75.

If you are from an underrepresented group in tech, or otherwise cannot afford this paid activity, please feel free to apply for a scholarship through our inclusion programme. If the link is available below then there we are still considering applications.

Improve Your Writing Using Accessible Language

Amy Dickens Begins 10:00AM Abidjan

You may think that you are already using clear language in your work, but there are many ways in which bad writing habits can confuse and complicate your message. In this workshop we will learn how to use plain language to make documents, emails, web content, and social media posts more accessible. This approach to writing has benefits for most readers and can help you improve your communication with others.

About Amy Dickens

Amy is an accessibility consultant for music software and hardware. They are a certified Accessibility Specialist awarded by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals. Since 2015 Amy has been researching accessible digital musical instruments. They currently work within the music technology industry helping clients improve access to their products.

The Improvisation Workshop You Won't Hate!

Jocelyn Spence Begins 1:00PM Abidjan

The workplace can be a minefield of 'right choices' and 'wrong moves'. It can also be a mushy, confusing blend of professional and personal. Shifting your attitude towards improvisation can help you navigate the choices and pressures you face. This workshop will give you the mental, emotional, and practical skills to build improvisation strategies into your daily life, even if the thought of being on stage makes you want to run screaming down the street! This workshop is for people at any stage of their career, and especially for people who don't like public speaking.

About Jocelyn Spence

Jocelyn is an experience design researcher and former user experience designer (and tech writer, and educator, and too many other things to count). The interaction design PhD she uses in computer science came from the Theatre Department at the University of Surrey. Improvisational storytelling is at the heart of her design research. It is also central to the way she lives in general, from office to home to outwitting the Prince of Fools in a murky swamp!

From Conflict to Cooperation

Jordan M. Adler Begins 4:00PM Abidjan

Conflict Resolution is a key skill in working effectively in engineering organizations. In this workshop, we'll review the causes of conflict, how to navigate and negotiate differences in perspectives, and develop language and process skills to manage, mitigate, and prevent conflict. With a basis in I/O Psychology and Management Science, this talk is relevant to all engineers from entry-level individual contributors to engineering executives.

About Jordan M. Adler

Jordan M. Adler is the Head of Developer Engineering at OneSignal. Previously, Jordan evolved Engineering Productivity at Cruise, led API Platform engineering at Pinterest, and was a Strategic Partner Engineer and Developer Advocate at Google, where he managed technical partnerships between major organizations and Google. Jordan continues to drive the evolution of developer ecosystems.

Conference Day - Jan 15

Our conference day is completely free with 9 amazing speakers. Each talk is 25 minutes with the opportunity to ask some questions at the end.

Making Your 1-1s Effective

Naomi Pentrel Begins 10:20AM Abidjan

1-1s are your opportunity to ensure you and your manager are on the same page, to work on your career development, and for you to give and receive feedback. Used effectively, 1-1s help you. However, many managers and reports don't know how to have effective 1-1s. In this talk you will learn how to use 1-1s as the supportive tool they are meant to be.

About Naomi Pentrel

Naomi is a Staff Demo Engineer at Twilio. Combining a long held passion for presentations with a software engineering and marketing background, Naomi has built her career in helping tech companies tell their stories effectively. In her free time Naomi crochets, hangs out with geese at the park, and writes little web scrapers.

Making the Most of Your Video Call Setup

Felix Kerger Begins 11:00AM Abidjan

Today we are spending most of our day in front of a computer and quite a bit of that time with our cameras on. This change has happened rapidly and the transition from being in a meeting room to being in front of a camera can be difficult. In this talks I will present several tips and tricks on make the most of your video call setup by making tweaks to poisitioning, improving your body language, and using free software to make your setup shine.

About Felix Kerger

Felix Kerger is an experienced developer advocate with more than 16 years of experience in programming. He is currently working for Wildlife Studios, a leading mobile game developer, leading the developer relations team. Prior, Felix worked for King as a Developer Advocate and Unity as an Enterprise Support engineer in Europe. Felix also published a textbook about an open-source render engine and talked at different conferences about software development and, more specifically, game development.

Buying Back Your Time

Akash Goswami Begins 12:00PM Abidjan

If you had the choice of saving money or saving time, what would you pick? Many people start their careers by trying to spend as little as possible, but as you progress it may not make sense to continue doing the same. In this talk, we will discuss how and when to balance these priorities so you can have a happier and healthier relationship with spending money.

About Akash Goswami

Akash is a Cyber Security Analyst at Monzo Bank. He has a strong interest in personal finance (and also runs a personal finance newsletter), video games and brewing the perfect coffee. When Akash isn't in front of a keyboard, he's usually out exploring new places, reading a book in a coffee shop or taking his dog on long walks in country parks.

5 Legal Tips To Build Your Business Safely

Neil Brown Begins 12:40PM Abidjan

It's not easy to get down to earth, practical, reasonably priced, legal advice. Neil, an experienced tech industry solicitor, will give you five (or more) key legal tips to help you run and build your business, without leaving your bamboozled by legalese. Or with a big bill. Running your own business, or thinking about it? This is for you.

About Neil Brown

Neil is an Internet, telecoms, and tech lawyer, and he runs English law firm decoded.legal. He's good at giving practical, tech-savvy legal advice, and bad at writing bios.

On To The Next: Planning & Preparing For Your Next Role

Rachel Nabors Begins 2:40PM Abidjan

There’s one guarantee in your career: you won’t work the same job forever. Don’t wait until you’re at the end of your patience with your current job or for someone to offer you your dream job on a whim—take control of your future by owning and planning your next move well ahead of sending out your resume. In this talk we’ll go over how to discover what you want next through experimentation at your day job, how to prepare to ace the interview, and then how to weigh your options and compare your Future You’s to make smart bets that take you where you want to go. This talk is intended for people who already have jobs in tech, whether they’re thinking about getting a new one or not!

About Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors creates developer education programs and resources on React Core. They believe teaching people the skills needed to find the solutions to the challenges facing humanity is the best possible use of their time on this planet. Rachel has published a book on UI Animation, “Animation at Work,” as well as several graphic novels from their previous career as an award-winning cartoonist. You can find them drinking tea and struggling to play a ukelele in London.

Escaping Isolation While Working Remotely

Niamh McCooey Begins 3:20PM Abidjan

Have you ever found it difficult to concentrate, struggled to keep up momentum, or felt your passion for your side-project wane while working from home? So many remote developers know this all too well, and often it's a result of isolation. But even when it all feels a bit too much, there are ways you can overcome it. In this talk we'll dive into different methods to identify its onset, how to stop it from becoming overwhelming, and the practical ways you can lift yourself up out of that funk.

About Niamh McCooey

Niamh is a frontend developer at Elsewhen. After learning to code in her spare time, she switched careers from publishing to tech in 2019 and has never looked back. She loves learning new things and helping those underrepresented in tech to flourish in their careers. When she's not building web apps or hanging out at meetups, she’s often working on her swimming technique in the salty Irish Sea 🏊‍♀️

Building Team Trust Virtually

Carol Huang Begins 4:20PM Abidjan

Working with new teammates is *hard,* and it can be especially hard when you've never met, are all new to the team, are spread across multiple time zones, and/or are going through a pandemic -- all of which were the case for me in July of 2020. I’ll go through the tools and techniques we tried to build trust on virtual platforms, from weekly emoji check-ins to asynchronous video chats, what worked, what didn’t, and why I think being open and vulnerable are key to a successful and happy working relationship. This talk is for anyone who wants to build relationships and rapport with teammates virtually.

About Carol Huang

Carol Huang is the developer community program manager at Stripe. She works with engineers, developer advocates, and product leads to make sure developers integrating Stripe have the best experience possible. Previously, Carol grew developer communities at PlanetScale, Codacy, ubersmith, and MongoDB. She lives in NYC and enjoys supporting various subcultures related to folk singing and media analysis.

When Moving Too Fast Really Does Break Things

Vidhika Bansal Begins 5:00PM Abidjan

We live in the era of “move fast and break things” — where learning through iteration and delivering quick outcomes is prioritized, even if it comes at a cost. But at what point is that cost too high? What kinds of unintended consequences could we be unleashing on our users by shipping things without careful deliberation? In this talk, we'll go over some telling examples and talk about how we as technologists can use our privilege to proactively prevent harm in the products and services we build.

About Vidhika Bansal

Vidhika is a UX Group Manager at Intuit with a background in behavioral science, brand strategy, and human-centered design. She’s convinced that words are magic and that stories can change the world. She also gets really jazzed about good food, memorable analogies, the power of human connection, and exploring new places and perspectives.

Getting Unstuck: Strategies For Solving Problems

Steven Hicks Begins 6:00PM Abidjan

All software engineers get stuck - whether you're brand new or have 20 years experience. In this session, we’ll reframe the act of getting stuck as a positive. Then we’ll talk about strategies for getting past a tricky problem. We’ll discuss the psychology behind these strategies, and answer questions like “Why do my best ideas come to me in the shower?” Finally, we’ll look at ways to harden yourself for the next time you get stuck.

About Steven Hicks

Steven Hicks is a Senior Engineer at Artsy. He loves JavaScript and specializes as a generalist. Steve believes that code is written for humans, and that if you ain't falling, you ain't learning. When he isn't talking to the duck or smooshing 1s and 0s, you can find Steve outside -- probably camping with his family, running trails, or riding his bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer ticket refunds?
We don't offer ticket refunds, but if you know you can no longer make it please let us know and we can make your ticket available to someone else via our inclusion programme. Please email [email protected] to arrange.
What are you doing to make your event inclusive?
The event will be live captioned and after the event we will provide recordings with transcripts. We are paying speakers for their time to ensure speaking is accessible to all. We are also making a number of free workshop tickets available as part of our inclusion program. We have a Code of Conduct and take the enforcement of it very seriously.
How does your inclusion program work?
Our inclusion programme provides workshop tickets for those in under-represented groups in tech. This includes, but isn't limited to: LGBTQIA+ people, people of colour, women, non-binary people, those with disabilities, and people who do not otherwise have the means to participate in paid activities. The process to apply took 5 minutes, and there was no need to disclose any sensitive information. Apply here.
Will the event be recorded?
The conference talks will be recorded. Portions of our workshops will be given in the format of a talk - these will be recorded and if they make sense as a standalone piece of content they will be added to the talk library.
Can I submit a talk?
We had opened our talk submissions process and it closed September 30st 2021 before all submissions were sent to a blind review panel. We are not accepting any new speakers.
Can I ask more questions?
Most certainly! DM us on Twitter or send us an email.