Talks will be live-captioned. These will be visible below the video stream, and via a direct URL which can be opened on another device is desired. Our post-event social session will not be captioned.

On Being An Early Career Dev In Your 30s

Ben Greenberg

Being early in your career always presents unique challenges, while being early in your second career later in life has its own particular issues to grapple with. The typical pipeline for the software industry does not fit the paradigm of an older career changer, and their presence can often throw the system for a loop. In this talk, we will cover practical steps for navigating specific challenges related to hiring and being hired as a second-career dev. If approached with intention and thoughtfulness, the benefits can be immense for all involved.

This talk is scheduled to happen at 5:10 PM GMT

About Ben Greenberg

Ben is a second career developer who previously spent a decade in the fields of adult education, community organizing, and non-profit management. He works as the Ruby developer advocate for Vonage by day and experiments with open source projects at night. He writes regularly on the intersection of community development and tech. Originally from Southern California and a long time resident of New York City, Ben now resides near Tel Aviv.

Early Career Negotiation: You’re Not As Powerless As They Want You To Feel

Jess Rose

Early in your career in technology it often feels like you need to take anything that’s given. And many employers want juniors to believe they don’t have any leverage to negotiate. Together, we’ll explore what kinds of negotiations are common in your early career and look at how you can begin to build out information to better inform these exchanges. We’ll also look at how you can use these experiences to help inform your choices as you gain more experience in tech.

This talk is scheduled to happen at 5:45 PM GMT

About Jess Rose

Jessica Rose is a self taught technologist obsessed with fostering more equals access to technical education and meaningful work in technology. She’s currently working on a free web development bootcamp to try and democratize access to core tech skills. She’s always excited to hear about what you’re excited about.

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When and how to say no

Nathaniel Okenwa

It can often feel like every day there is a new ask of us - people asking for our time, effort, or knowledge. While many of these requests represent great opportunities for career growth, income or a warm fuzzy feeling, it is impossible to say how to decide whether something is right for you as well as some helpful advice for when and how to say no.

This talk is scheduled to happen at 6:10 PM GMT

About Nathaniel Okenwa

Nathaniel is a Developer Evangelist at Twilio working to create magical moments for developers with their products. He is a die hard fan of JavaScript, sports, superheroes and mixed martial arts. His life goals are to have Batman's brains, Deadpool's humour, T'Challa's fashion sense, Killmonger's Wokeness, and Thanos' determination! He serves the Javascript community in the UK and the rest of Europe.

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