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Learn Smarter, Not Harder

Andrew MacLean 17:10 Abidjan

Let's face it, the tech world moves fast, and being good at learning isn't just a 'nice-to-have' anymore; it's make or break for your career. So, how do you get better at getting better? It's all about learning smarter, not harder. In this talk, I'll introduce you to Kolb's Experiential Learning Model, a practical framework to help you optimize how you learn. We'll explore how you can use this model to help figure out your own learning style, how to turn both feats and fumbles into tools to level up your learning, and how to truly own your growth journey. Ready to hack your learning curve? Then this talk is for you.

Attracting Clients Through Content Marketing

Esther Agbaje 17:40 Abidjan

Getting clients is one of the biggest challenges both seasoned and new freelancers face. There’s a tendency to rely on super competitive freelance sites or traditional tactics like referral or cold pitching, but these usually become draining and unsuccessful. Content is key and as a freelancer, I’ve discovered content lets me show potential clients my expertise, personality and how I can help their business grow. This has increased the number of leads and clients I work with. In this presentation, I'll share how you can develop a content marketing plan to attract your dream clients.

Atomic Notes: A "Modern" Approach to Notetaking

Ben Hong 18:10 Abidjan

Ever take the time to write a detailed note, only to misplace it later on? Or how about investing hours into a note-taking system only to realize that while it worked really well at first, it didn't scale when it came to what you needed in reality. 

In this talk, you'll hear from my personal experience with trying out different note-taking systems and dealing with the loss of migrating to each new tool in an attempt to find a note-taking system that would work for me. We'll talk about what is broken about traditional note-taking methodologies and software, and look forward to what's possible with the recent innovation that's happening in the space.

Presenting Your Thoughts at the Right Level of Granularity

Leon Barnard 18:40 Abidjan

The most challenging part of a presentation is typically not deciding what to say, but how to say it, and how much to say about it. This skill can take years, if not decades, to hone. This talk will present an easy to follow framework for planning and preparing a presentation on any topic based on the audience, including a checklist that viewers can use on their own.

Meet our speakers

Ben Hong

Ben Hong (he/him)

Ben Hong is a a software engineer consultant by day and contributes to open source as a Vue Core Team member and Nuxt Ambassador. When he's not writing code though, his productivity nerd persona comes out and is always looking for ways opportunities to improve by a little each day. That said, he loves learning about new things and he's always up for a good conversation about whatever people are passionate about. 

Leon Barnard

Leon Barnard (he/him)

Leon leads the Design Education team at Balsamiq. After 10 years of UX practice in a variety of industries, he joined Balsamiq to help teach wireframing and design, both inside and outside the company. He is the author of Wireframing for Everyone and also writes and talks about remote work, web development, and UX career paths.

Esther Agbaje

Esther Agbaje (she/her)

Esther is a developer advocate with a background in frontend engineering and technical writing. She enjoys helping developers be more productive and successful through blog articles, technical content creation, and code demos. 

Outside of her day job, Esther is the founder of The Freelance HQ, a hub that helps freelancers level up their skills and get remote jobs. In her spare time, she enjoys sports like soccer and badminton as well as playing video games.

Andrew MacLean

Andrew MacLean (he/him)

Andrew is an educator with more than 15 years of experience building, facilitating and leading technology education initiatives for learners across Canada. Pivoting from the classroom into community in 2020, he currently leads the Developer Relations team at Feature Flag Management startup DevCycle while working out of his home on Vancouver Island, Canada.

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