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Kevin Lewis 17:00 Abidjan

Outgrowing a One-Person Operation

Edua Effiom 17:10 Abidjan

This talk is aimed at freelancers who are looking to get additional support as they grow their business. As an HR professional, I will explain the best and legal route to get that support through either hiring a self-employed individual or an employee.

Doing It All: Balancing The Work of Freelance

Jake Hall 17:45 Abidjan

There's a common misconception that working freelance is easy. Although it's rewarding and comparatively freeing, this talk will equip potential freelancers with the knowledge of what actually goes into establishing yourself - the hidden admin, negotiations, as well as the unseen camaraderie.

I started freelancing at 22 years old, with zero prior industry knowledge. I'm now approaching a decade of working for myself, so this talk will touch on the lessons I've learned along the way, and the advice I wish I'd been given from the start.

How A Contract Can Save Your Butt

Ashley Baxter 18:20 Abidjan

In this talk, we will explore the common situations that freelancers face and how having a strong contract can assist in navigating those situations. We will discuss key clauses to consider including in your contract to help protect your interests and strengthen your position as a freelancer. Additionally, we will touch on the role of insurance in managing risk as a freelancer.

The Art of Juggling: The Freelancer's Guide to Context Switching

Mia Rodriguez 18:55 Abidjan

Freelancing can offer an abundance of flexibility, but managing multiple clients can be a bit of a juggling act. In this talk, we will discuss organising your time so that you can work more efficiently without burning yourself out! We will also share practical advice for effectively transitioning between various projects or tasks and cultivating a more sustainable workload.

Meet our speakers

Jake Hall

Jake Hall (they/them)

Jake is a freelance journalist, author, consultant, and copywriter, currently living in Sheffield. Their next book, Shoulder to Shoulder, will be published by Trapeze Books in May 2024.

Edua Effiom

Edua Effiom (she/her)

Edua Effiom is a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualified HR consultant and has over 18 years’ experience. In the early years of her career, she developed a keen interest in employment law and took a career break to train to become a lawyer. After law school, she decided to return to HR to progress her career within HR consultancy. Having worked in two large HR consultancies for 10 years, Edua decided in the pandemic to set up her own HR consultancy business in March 2021. She runs a full-service HR consultancy dealing with issues ranging from recruitment through to redundancy and everything in between.

Ashley Baxter

Ashley Baxter (she/her)

When Ashley isn't helping you be a confident freelancer, she's playing video games, taking photos or lifting weights.

Mia Rodriguez

Mia Rodriguez (she/her)

Mia is a copywriter and digital marketer. Her work has helped organisations to clarify their tone of voice, reach their target audiences and achieve their business goals. Beyond this, Mia is also a professionally trained chef. If she’s not writing, you can be sure to find her in a kitchen out there somewhere.