You Got This!

Talks will be recorded and live captions provided by White Coat Captioning.

Welcome To Happy Healthy Communication

17:00 Abidjan

Communicating & Upholding Your Boundaries

17:10 Abidjan

'No' is a complete sentence and it's often a difficult word to say, and as a result, we sometimes end up with situations, environments, tasks, and treatment we don't want. Setting boundaries helps us to understand and establish our limits and are essential for our health, but they are useless if we don't communicate and enforce them. This talk will take you through how to let someone know they have crossed the line, how to tell them it won't be happening again, and deciding in advance how you will uphold your boundary if they are crossed.

Making Your Meetings Effective

17:30 Abidjan

Whether remote or in-person, you should always ensure any meeting you call for is effective. There are three things you can do to make your meetings effective: make sure everyone knows the purpose of meeting, practice being a good host, and ensure everything is well documented. In this talk, we will cover how to nail each of these three cornerstones of effective meetings. As a bonus, we will talk about the playbook for running effective meetings like a C-level.

Principles for Asynchronous Working

17:50 Abidjan

Asynchronous workflows enable us to get our work done flexibly and quickly, without compromising on what else in important in our lifestyles. In this talk, we’ll learn the key principles that lead to effective asynchronous working, discuss how asynchronicity benefits everyone on the team, and how you can implement asynchronous workflows.

Changing Your Mind

18:20 Abidjan

When we receive new information or context on something we've agreed to, we often believe it's bad to change our mind. In this talk, we will discuss how to communicate effectively and take a potentially uncomfortable or horrifying conversation into one which empowers you to do your best work.

Begin Active Listening Today

18:40 Abidjan

In a world where notifications are rife, paying attention during meetings and one-to-one conversations can be tough. In this talk, we'll cover the five core tenants of active listening and how you can apply them to your day-to-day life.