You Got This!

Talks will be recorded and live captions provided by White Coat Captioning.

Welcome talk

17:00 Abidjan

The Challenges of Knowledge Distribution

17:10 Abidjan

Orders of magnitude matter. Things don't go up by order of one every time. Organizing people in a group requires disseminating information and its interpretation and, most importantly, its distribution. In this talk, we'll go over the fundamentals of requirements engineering, looking at how orders of magnitude scale alongside the expansion of scope, we'll discuss how you can apply elements of platform thinking to your everyday projects. This talk is for anyone keen to develop their leadership skills at work or grow their side project, adding another string to their bow.

Using Storytelling Techniques in Technical Communication

17:40 Abidjan

Stories have been used as the backbone of many cultures to illustrate difficult concepts. Be it fables, proverbs, myths or legends, stories have been used to communicate important ideas for as long as we’ve been able to speak to each other. In this talk, We'll look at how we can use storytelling techniques to create clear and easy to understand technical communication.

The Subtle Art of Asking for Things

17:55 Abidjan

Over the course of my career I've spent a lot of time either asking for things or being asked for things. After countless collaborations and asks, I've come to understand the nature of relationships and what makes a good ask. As it turns out it's a bit more involved than sliding into someone's DMs with 'hey.' In this talk you'll learn how to get better results from your asks by rethinking the nature of relationships and following the three Rs of asking for things: Recognition, Request, and Reward.

Recognizing and Overcoming Self-Sabotage

18:30 Abidjan

Whenever we embark on a new venture or pursuit, we immediately become embroiled in a contest between our current and our aspirational selves. Our vision & potential face off against our habits, comfort zones & rationalizations, resulting in patterns which limit growth, frustrations and several start-stop-maybe-start-again cycles. In this talk, we'll uncover ways to efficiently recognize self-sabotage, and strategies to consistently overcome it.