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17:00 Abidjan

Tips for Long-Term Happiness in a Remote Career

Leon Barnard 17:10 Abidjan

Remote work can be a game-changer for people who don't want to or simply can't commute to an office every day. But not all remote roles and companies are the same. In this talk you'll learn what to look for in a remote role, how to stand out in the application process, as well as some tips for weathering the uncertainty in today's job climate.

Classroom Management Strategies for Workplace Triumph

Andrew MacLean 17:40 Abidjan

Prepare to revisit your school days for a fresh perspective on your current work environment. This talk will explore familiar student archetypes, drawing surprising parallels to common workplace personas. You'll learn to effectively manage diverse personality types, foster collaborative relationships, and enhance productivity using tried-and-true classroom strategies. See your co-workers and perhaps even yourself in a new light as we translate academic lessons into professional success.

Not All Leaders Are Managers

Aaron Bassett 18:10 Abidjan

In this talk, we'll discuss those individuals in our workplace who lead without a formal title. Experienced colleagues who share their expertise with less experienced teammates, offering guidance and wisdom. Their actions, more than their words, set the standard.

Moreover, they take on an important role beyond their tasks. They advocate for their colleagues, ensuring everyone's opinions are valued. They recognize the importance of diverse and inclusive teams, making certain that these values are lived out in daily operations.

How To Get Paid as a Freelancer

Matthew Revell 18:40 Abidjan

You know your stuff. People tell you you're good. What's more, they want to pay you to do it for them. But whether it's a side gig or you're going freelance full time, it's often the admin that's the hardest part. Listen to this talk for one person's advice on setting your pricing, getting paid, and keeping track of it all.

Meet our speakers

Leon Barnard

Leon Barnard (he/him)

Leon leads the Design Education team at Balsamiq. After 10 years of UX practice in a variety of industries, he joined Balsamiq to help teach wireframing and design, both inside and outside the company. He is the author of Wireframing for Everyone and also writes and talks about remote work, web development, and UX career paths.

Andrew MacLean

Andrew MacLean (he/him)

Andrew is an educator with more than 15 years of experience building, facilitating and leading technology education initiatives for learners across Canada. Pivoting from the classroom into community in 2020, he currently leads the Developer Relations team at Feature Flag Management startup DevCycle while working out of his home on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Aaron Bassett

Aaron Bassett (he/him)

Aaron Bassett is a recovering software engineer turned developer relations engineer. He is a developer, public speaker, writer, and mentor; he spends most of his time making cool stuff and helping other people make unbelievably cool stuff. 

Matthew Revell

Matthew Revell (he/him)

Founder of DevRelCon and Hoopy. Matthew works with clients to help them build developer relations programs and to deliver high quality technical content aimed at developers.