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Welcome talk

18:00 Abidjan
Winston Bonnheim

Understanding Equity As Part Of Compensation Packages

Winston Bonnheim 18:15 Abidjan

In this talk, we'll cover the different types of equity, how to evaluate/compare equity offers, what questions you can ask to get further clarity, and what to consider as equity vests.

About Winston Bonnheim (he/him)

Winston has over twelve years of experience as a recruiter supporting the growth of early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. He has had the honor to help hire talent across all departments at all experience levels.

Ben Hong

Atomic Notes: A 'Modern' Approach To Notetaking

Ben Hong 18:45 Abidjan

Ever take the time to write a detailed note, only to misplace it later on? Or how about investing hours into a note-taking system only to realize that while it worked really well at first, it didn't scale when it came to what you needed in reality. We'll talk about what is broken about traditional note-taking methodologies and software, and look forward to what's possible with the new tools and methodologies

About Ben Hong (he/him)

Ben Hong is a productivity nerd who loves trying out the latest apps and trends in an effort to make his system 1% better each day. When he's not tinkering with tools and mulling over his systems, he's a Senior Staff Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify and Vue Core Team member. And As a developer / educator / psychologist hybrid, he's passionate about creating products that help to empower people with new skills and knowledge.

@bencodezen on Twitter
Sophie Lovejoy

Why You Really Need To Get Out More

Sophie Lovejoy 19:15 Abidjan

There's so much evidence that getting outside is good for you. You might already have heard how it can improve your mental health and wellbeing, but it can also improve your creativity, and your attention span. It can even make you a nicer person. This session could benefit anyone who is spending most of their day in front of a screen.

About Sophie Lovejoy (she/her)

After starting her career as a techie, Sophie has spent two decades working in learning and development, and now regularly takes that work outside, working in and with nature. She is a drummer, a LARPer and still a techie at heart.