You Got This!

How to Present Your Accomplishments

  1. Effectively presenting accomplishments is crucial for career progression and impacts the trajectory and range of career opportunities.
  2. Internal promotions are often preferred by hiring managers due to lower risk and familiarity, but external talent benchmarking is common.
  3. Including extracurricular activities and side projects in your profile can provide a competitive edge and broaden career opportunities.
  4. Senior professionals with unique skills often passively seek jobs; an appealing, discoverable, and updated profile can attract these opportunities.
  5. CVs remain essential in job applications, but should be complemented by other channels like personal websites and LinkedIn for broader reach.
  6. GitHub profiles are critical for tech professionals, showcasing coding expertise and engagement in the community and open-source projects.
  7. LinkedIn profiles, while less formal than CVs, should maintain professionalism and provide a broad summary of career achievements and skills.
  8. Both CVs and LinkedIn profiles should be outcome-based, highlighting measurable achievements and impact, rather than just listing responsibilities.
  9. Handling career setbacks positively in your professional narrative demonstrates adaptability and learning from challenges.
  10. Regularly updating all professional documentation, including a 'brag book', is key to staying prepared for new opportunities.