You Got This!

Understanding Your Remote Working Style


If you think remote work just isn’t for you - take a closer look.

  • How ‘remote’ are you? It’s important to define this as a starting point.
  • If you feel a resistance to remote work - ask why, and then continue to break this down.
  • For example, if you don’t like remote work because you feel lonely, as yourself why you are only addressing your social needs in the workplace. Is there another way this can be approached?
  • Once we have identified our core beliefs on remote work, we often find that our concerns can be linked back to our pre-existing beliefs about work, rather than remote work itself. For example, does remote work really make you procrastinate more, or are you finding difficult to believe in the value of your work without somebody watching over you?
  • Understand how you rest. Brain Tracey said: ‘Make peace of mind your goal and organise your life around that’. Design your rest and personal life first, then fit your remote work around this. It can result in even better work results when you put your needs first!
  • Create healthy habits and expectations about rest and work communication.
  • Create a comfortable space to work in - this as a gift to yourself.