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Hi, Kevin here. I think it's useful to start with some context about this event.

You Got This started as an event by a developer events agency I co-ran - Underland Events. In February 2020 we decided to wind down the company, but with the blessing of my co-director (and my new employer) and I am able to continue running this conference in a personal capacity.

In September 2019, Shy Ruparel ran Adulting.Dev - which was based on You Got This and run in New York. Following the 2020 event in Birmingham, I was approached with similar requests by people who wanted to run their own You Got This style events. With all this in mind, I wanted to start putting the framework in place to facilitate a network of You Got This events and support other organisers with my event experience.

My real goal in doing this, is to create a useful bank of resources for people in tech to use to improve their core skills. To do that, I'd love to surface, highlight, and support other community events.

This page provides the most basic information about how I'd like to work with other community organisers. It is not set in stone, and I encourage feedback.

What you can expect from me

What I'd expect from you

You'll also need to think about how you'll raise enough money to run your event. We can talk about what the necessary costs are in our initial conversation.

I think this is the most important information. If you are interested email me.