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You Got This! is a learning hub focused on core skills needed for a happy and healthy work life. We cover themes like self-advocacy, career planning, improving communication, ethics in tech, and pathways to leadership. We offer a free content library and a number of community events.

It is incredibly important to us that speakers and writers are paid for their time, and that all events are accessible, and that increases our running costs. That's where you come in!


  • 35.6% of our audience as self-taught developers.
  • 72.9% of our audience use she/her, they/them, or multiple pronouns.
  • 28.7% of our audience are early-career. 30.7% of our audience are seniors or managers.
  • 47% of the audience that attend You Got This events are considering a change in jobs.
  • Our audience primarily spans the UK, USA, Ireland, Spain, and Germany.

Our events typically have 150-250 attendees attend live, and host 3-4 trusted speakers to deliver core skills talks with a live, moderated Q&A. Some events have specific themed (communication, freelancing, etc), while others have a more general focus area. All talks are made available in the library after the event.

Sponsorship includes logo visibility (event webpage, livestream, recordings), a 5 minute pre-recorded talk at the event, and 3 tweets of thanks. Each meetup can have up to 4 sponsors.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Quarterly Event Sponsorship

€600 or €2000for all 4 if paid upfront

  • Your logo on event webpage, on the livestream, and library pages.
  • A 5 minute live or pre-recorded talk to be shared as part of the livestream.
  • 3 Tweets of thanks

Surplus Funds

Surplus funds go towards ongoing running costs of You Got This! Any further additional funds are put towards the next inclusion programme we run (generally providing free tickets to our paid in-person conferences or workshops).


Great! Pop an email to [email protected] with the initiatives you are interested in sponsoring. We look forward to having you involved.