You Got This!
21 min
Avatar of Felix Kerger

Making the Most of Your Video Call Setup

Felix Kerger

9 min
Avatar of Benjamin Reitzammer

Meeting Technique: Speaking In Rounds

Benjamin Reitzammer

32 min
Avatar of Steven Hicks

Getting Unstuck and Solving Problems

Steven Hicks

35 min
Avatar of Rachel Lee Nabors

Planning and Preparing For Your Next Role

Rachel Lee Nabors

34 min
Avatar of Vidhika Bansal

When Moving Too Fast Really Does Break Things

Vidhika Bansal

29 min
Avatar of Neil Brown

Legal Tips To Build Your Business Safely

Neil Brown

30 min
Avatar of Niamh Mccooey

Escaping Isolation While Working Remotely

Niamh Mccooey

28 min
Avatar of Naomi Pentrel

Making Your 1-1s Effective

Naomi Pentrel

22 min
Avatar of Akash Goswami

Buying Back Your Time

Akash Goswami

27 min
Avatar of Carol Huang

Building Team Trust Virtually

Carol Huang

68 min
Avatar of Jordan M. Adler

From Conflict To Cooperation

Jordan M. Adler

43 min
Avatar of Amy Dickens

Improve Your Writing Using Accessible Language

Amy Dickens

24 min
Avatar of Nathaniel Okenwa

How and When To Say No

Nathaniel Okenwa

25 min
Avatar of Ben Greenberg

Being a Second Career Dev In Your 30s

Ben Greenberg

26 min
Avatar of Jess Rose

Early Career Negotiation

Jess Rose

24 min
Avatar of Richard Westenra

What Civil Engineering Can Teach Us About Ethics

Richard Westenra

28 min
Avatar of Catherine Flick

The What, How, and Why of a Code of Ethics

Catherine Flick

25 min
Avatar of Laura Morinigo

How to Align Your Values With Your Job

Laura Morinigo

24 min
Avatar of Suze Shardlow

The Power of Co-Working

Suze Shardlow

27 min
Avatar of Malcolm Xavier

Pivot! Changing Your Career Path

Malcolm Xavier

23 min
Avatar of Alex Papadopoulos

Openly Stealth: Being Transgender at Work

Alex Papadopoulos

17 min
Avatar of Jeanine Mendez

Negotiating After Your Start Date

Jeanine Mendez

25 min
Avatar of Massi MapaniAvatar of Shivangi Sareen

Lessons Learnt (Hardly) Working From Home

Massi Mapani +1

16 min
Avatar of Julianne Burke

Being an Impactful Mentor

Julianne Burke

25 min
Avatar of Myrsini Koukiasa

Individual Contributor to Manager: Navigating the Shift

Myrsini Koukiasa

19 min
Avatar of Olu Niyi Awosusi

Building an Equitable Web

Olu Niyi Awosusi

16 min
Avatar of Lola Odelola

Engaging with Activism Online

Lola Odelola

47 min
Avatar of Matt Rose

UX Your CV

Matt Rose

23 min
Avatar of Claire Knight

Making Disagreements at Work Productive

Claire Knight

34 min
Avatar of Agnieszka Chęś

Improving Cross-Cultural Co-Operation

Agnieszka Chęś

29 min
Avatar of Gem Hill

Understanding & Looking After Your Mental Health

Gem Hill

37 min
Avatar of Matthew ParkerAvatar of David Atkinson

Tech, Neurodiversity and a Lot of Odd Angles…

Matthew Parker +1

41 min
Avatar of Gitte Klitgaard

Stress & Depression – a Taboo in our Time

Gitte Klitgaard

43 min
Avatar of Veerle Verhagen

My Story of Learning to Ask for Help

Veerle Verhagen

31 min
Avatar of Sanne Visser

Teaching Resilience Through Stoicism

Sanne Visser

32 min
Avatar of Piotr Nabielec

Managing Your Team in a Time of Overload

Piotr Nabielec

35 min
Avatar of Daria Dorda

Understanding Labels We Give Ourselves and Others

Daria Dorda

43 min
Avatar of Sharon Steed

Creating Inclusive Cultures with Empathy

Sharon Steed

33 min
Avatar of Tomasz Smaczny

The Art of Failing, Inspired by Mindful Parenting

Tomasz Smaczny

32 min
Avatar of Klaartje Van Zwoll

Recognising Behaviors and Communicating Boundaries

Klaartje Van Zwoll

28 min
Avatar of Franziska Hauck

Accessibility for Developers

Franziska Hauck

35 min
Avatar of Magda Stenius

Learning is a Skill You Can Practice

Magda Stenius

24 min
Avatar of Ben Bartle

Feedback: How to Have Taste and Not Be Afraid to Use It

Ben Bartle

33 min
Avatar of Heidi Waterhouse

Tautology and Business Value

Heidi Waterhouse

28 min
Avatar of Lauren Schaefer

Making #RemoteWork Actually Work

Lauren Schaefer

45 min
Avatar of Anjuan Simmons

Lending Privilege

Anjuan Simmons

24 min
Avatar of Pauline Narvas

The Breaking Point: Recovering from Burnout

Pauline Narvas

23 min
Avatar of Katie Walker

The Art of Communication

Katie Walker

26 min
Avatar of Amy Dickens

How and When to Walk Away

Amy Dickens

26 min
Avatar of Dan Parkes

Understanding Unions in the Tech Trade

Dan Parkes

28 min
Avatar of Keziyah Lewis

It's Not Your Job To Love Your Job

Keziyah Lewis

22 min
Avatar of Nathaniel Okenwa

Making Your First Days Count

Nathaniel Okenwa

26 min
Avatar of Gargi Sharma

Making Your Hard Work Visible

Gargi Sharma

26 min
Avatar of Matthew Gilliard

Learning to Invest in Your Future

Matthew Gilliard

27 min
Avatar of Amina Adewusi

How to Find Your Perfect Mentor

Amina Adewusi

27 min
Avatar of Melinda Seckington

Developing Your Team by Applying Game Design

Melinda Seckington

25 min
Avatar of Ruth Lee

Company Culture, Performance Reviews & You

Ruth Lee

19 min
Avatar of Paula Muldoon

Where Did All My Money Go?

Paula Muldoon

27 min
Avatar of Sam Morgan

The Transformative Power of Junior Developers

Sam Morgan

23 min
Avatar of Sascha Wolf

You Can Share Knowledge

Sascha Wolf

25 min
Avatar of Taylor Morrison

Self-Care: Beyond the Hashtags

Taylor Morrison

33 min
Avatar of Jo Franchetti

Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, and Anxiety

Jo Franchetti

29 min
Avatar of Tara Ojo

Moving On From Being a Junior

Tara Ojo

27 min
Avatar of Sam Warner

Morality and Ethics - Caring is Everything

Sam Warner

25 min
Avatar of Violet Peña

Understanding and Cultivating Independence

Violet Peña